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ALTUS PROSATOR – ORATORIO                                          51 minutes

 Poem attributed to St Columba (6th century)

 Soprano and Baritone soloists, chorus and orchestra

 THE DAUGHTER OF COHOOLIN – CHORAL SUITE                  30 minutes  

Gwalmai, Walter de la Mare, Belloc,Tennyson, Roethke, Blake and anon

 Treble voices and orchestra

MISSA SARUM                                                                  23 minutes

 The ordinary of the Mass and Eucharistic texts

 Choir and orchestra

 SEA SCAPES.                                                                 16 minutes

 Robert Bridges, Edward Shanks, George Russell, Andrew Young.

Soprano solo, mixed chorus, brass, timpani, piano and organ

 STABAT MATER                                                              11 minutes

 Jacaponi da Todi (13th century).

 Soprano and baritone soloists, small chorus and ensemble

 SONGS OF INNOCENCE – CANTATA                                   26 minutes

 William Blake,

 Soprano solo, SSA chorus and orchestra

  VISIONS AND REMEMBRANCES                                          8 minutes


  Unison voices and SSA choruses and orchestra

Also listed in Stage works

GAME CIRCLE                                                                  68 minutes

Scenic cantata for mimes, dances, voices and orchestra.

Libretto compiled by the composer from children’s poems, nursery rhymes,

Counting verses and games.


THE ALTAR FIRE                                                              70 minutes

Scenic celebration for mimes, actors, dancers, speakers,

voices and orchestra.

Libretto by Mel Thomas after Tacitus.

Choral with orchestra

Salisbury Cathedral

The Farant Singers & Orchestra

‘O Sacrum Convivium’

3.25 mins

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 EPITHALAMION      ( Extract from final chorus    3.07 mins )      10minutes                       

 John Donne.    Chorus, brass band and orchestra

  St David’s Hall, Cardiff   1994

  Gwent County Youth Choir & Orchestra