Richard Roderick Jones

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Shipston Proms Fishguard Festival

    ‘Sea Dances’

   For Solo ‘Cello

‘Persephone Dances’

   For Flute & Piano

Ilmington Festival

‘This is a place of light’

     SATB Chorus


Shipston Proms Fishguard Festival

First performance        First performance

Bagatelles for Solo Guitar                 Piano Quartet

First performance

Sonata for Flute & Guitar

‘This is a place of light’

 SATB Chorus & Orchestra

Ilmington Festival



Luton Festival - October 19th

The Frith Quartet - Piano Quartet

CD release - Chamber Music 1998 - 2011

Jacominus Publishing selling score downloads


Wyastone Studio, Monmouth - June 7th

Bagatelles for Guitar

Roland Gallery

Persephone Dances for Flute and Piano

Alicia Dine - Flute. Richard Roderick Jones - Piano

Sea Dances for solo ‘Cello

Richard Jenkinson

Sonata for Flute and Guitar

Alicia Dine and Roland Gallery

CBSO Centre, Birmingham, - December 19th

Piano Quartet

The Frith Piano Quartet

Benjamin Frith - Piano, Richard Jenkinson - ‘Cello

Robert Heard - Violin, Louise Williams - Viola