Richard Roderick Jones

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Choral SATB

 YOU ARE FROM THENCEFORTH ONE – WEDDING ANTHEM                           3 minutes

 Old Testament (Song of Solomon) and John Donne.

 Unaccompanied  SSATB

 TI DDUW A FOLWN – CANTICLE                                                              6 minutes

 The  ‘Te Deum’ in Welsh.

 Unaccompanied SSATB

 TWO LATIN MOTETS                                                                              3 minutes

 The ‘Nunc Dimittis’ and the Latin Requiem.

 Unaccompanied mixed choir

TWO CHORUSES TO BACCHUS                                                                3 minutes


 Unaccompanied voices (with or without rhythmic accompaniment)

 Text in English and Welsh