Richard Roderick Jones

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 HYMNE – MOTET                                                                                    5  minutes

 John Donne and psalm 100(Jubilate Deo).

 Choir and organ


 SOULES DELIVERIE – CANTATA                                                                8 minutes

 Henry Vaughan and John Donne.

 Choir and Piano

CANTATE DOMINO – ANTHEM                                                                   3 minutes

 Psalm 149.

 Choir and organ


 MAGNIFICAT AND NUNC DIMITTIS                                                            5 minutes

 Evensong canticles.

 Choir and organ


GIVE US THE WINGS OF FAITH - ANTHEM                                                  4 minutes

 Isaac Watts.  

 Choior and organ


 MISSA BREVIS                                                                                      13 minutes

  The ordinary of the Mass.    

  Choir and organ

 LACRIMAE ET LAUDES                                                                            12 minutes

 Missa  pro Defunctis.  

 SSA and SATB choruses and organ


Extract 22 seconds

Songs 1,3 & 6

Oakdale Youth Choir

8.47 mins

 SONGS FROM THE SANSKRIT                                                                  14 minutes

  Ancient Indian poetry in translation.

 Choir and piano

Choral with piano/orchestra