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Comic opera in one act                                                               58 minutes

Libretto by Michael Davies after Dylan Thomas

Minimum of 8 singers & 8 instrumentalists

Opera sound-track

Scene One  - 1890s

Fred is a stable boy for the wealthy, aristocratic Sir Gregory Grig. He hates horses!

Sir Gregory’s family are all keen fox-hunters. His daughter Georgina’s boyfriend, Augustus Wilberforce, arrives to court her one day riding a penny-farthing bicycle.

Fred is captivated by the bicycle . . .and steals it!

Scene Two - 1900s

Fred owns a bicycle shop. The penny-farthing is displayed in the shop window. Augustus visits the shop with Georgina and sees his penny-farthing. He agrees that Fred can keep the penny-farthing in exchange for a  tricycle with a basket for the baby for himself and Georgina.

Fred falls in love with Nell. They sing a love duet

They ride away on a tandem. (1.39 mins).

Scene Three - 1920s

Fred and Nell now have children. On of them brings home a boyfriend who has a motor-bike. Fred is horrified!

Then the family want him to buy a car........

 Scene Four - 1950s

Fred is an old man and considered to be rather a joke as he still rides his penny-farthing and refuses to acknowledge the age of the motor car. He tells his grandson of his early exploits and demonstrates his skill by riding the penny-farthing in traffic.

Lady Georgina, also now elderly but still fox-hunting, rides through the traffic chasing a fox. A car swerves to avoid her and kills Fred.

Fred ascends into heaven - where the angels are all riding mono-cycles!