Richard Roderick Jones

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Single or two voices

 BRECHT SONGS                                                                                 13 minutes

 Various voices and piano



 SEVEN POEMS OF ROGER STENNETT                                                      14 minutes

 Baritone and piano

 FOUR SONGS FROM LLAREGGUB                                                            7 minutes

  Dylan Thomas and Dorien Thomas.

  Various voices and piano

FOUR RESTORATION SONGS                                                                 10 minutes

George Farquhar.

 Various voices and piano

  FIVE VIENNESE KABARET SONGS                                                           8 minutes

  Odon von Hovart and Viennese traditional.

  Various voices and piano.

  SELECTED SONGS  (1978 – 1982)    (revised 2001)                                 12 minutes

  Revision of Dream-Song (Walter de la Mare) and

  certain songs from Shakespeare Songs 1.

  Male alto and piano.

  Y DDERWEN – SONG                                                                           3 minutes

  Poem by ‘Islwyn’ (William Thomas),

.  Baritone and piano

 OVEJITA – SONG                                                                                 2 minutes

 Lorca. Soprano and piano                


 SHAKESPEARE SONGS 1                                                                      23 minutes

 Various voices and piano

 SHAKESPEARE SONGS 11                                                                     19 minutes

 Various voices and piano


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 SONGS FROM THE JAPANESE  (song cycle)                                             20 minutes

  Ancient Japanese Poetry in translation,

  Soprano and seven instruments

 SEVEN SONNETS OF GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS  (song cycle)                   20 minutes  

  Soprano and piano

 FIVE SONGS TO POEMS BY MERCER SIMPSON    (song cycle)                    13 minutes

  Soprano, oboe and piano